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Our Friend, the Artist

Kelsey Brookes is an artist and avid surf dog.  To keep his brain fresh, he constantly must dip it in the salty sea water.  It is this way of thinking that has brought Boat Hat and Kelsey together to create an interesting juxtaposition of style - to us, Kelsey’s paintings represent the eye of the sea, an eye that can be scaled micro and macro in an infinite universe of souls.

“From his background in molecular biology, Brookes has taken his knowledge of scientific images and expanded them into extremely intricate paintings that explore the mutability of human consciousness. His painstaking process involves the painting of hundreds of concentric shapes that are both psychedelic and grounded in empiricism.

Explaining his starting point, Brookes says; "Art and science are often, and in my view incorrectly, seen as two opposing poles of a creative continuum. This is a misunderstanding of both. My recent work is a combination of my scientific background and current artistic interest- I have taken my understanding of molecular biology and married it with painting."

Solo exhibitions include: San Diego, London, Malibu, Los Angeles and Berlin.

His work is in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and the Frederick Weismann Foundation Collection, and Quint Gallery.

His paintings also feature as the cover art for the Red Hot Chili Peppers latest record release. The artist has also teamed up for illustration work with fashion leaders including RVCA, VANS, and Insight 51. 

Brookes has been featured in numerous pop culture and design publications such as GQ, Modern Painters, Manor House Quarterly, ARTnews, Playboy, Paper, Juxtapoz, Beautiful Decay, Dazed and Confused, RE:UP, HUCK”*

In Boat Hat words: the guy is a supreme stud of bitchin' - and he has an amazing baby girl named Lively - not to mention his wife, Lauren has opened 2 amazing restaurants; The Kensington Cafe and The Haven Pizzeria.

Please enjoy these amazing works - they are works of true grit.


The man in his studio.

The man in his studio.

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Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes


The Kelsey Brookes Boat Hat Patches

Our First Collection of Patches

People bond through trials that the sea never fails to provide.

Storms sharpen skills, and challenges strengthen bone.

BOAT HAT; The fruits of challenge.

Each patch has been carefully hand painted by Dougie Mann - Founder of BOAT HAT - The goal of the patch is to showcase a high level of craftsmanship, and flexible way to invite collaboration amongst fellow boaters.